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FW: Korea Fire Fighting Corporation's Strong Complaints about www.kfi.or.kr 받은편지함 Docs
Zephyr Archangel<Success s. Kim>, Zephyr Archangel, 김 성수 kffc<korea fire figh...
6월 29일 (1 일 이전)
전체 답장 전체 답장전달 전달 인쇄 연락처 목록에 zz님추가 이 메시지 삭제 피싱(PHISHING) 신고 원본 보기 메시지 텍스트가 깨졌습니까?
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6월 29일 (1 일 이전)
Dear ss, Subscribe me!
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Korean Factory should be like this!
Korea Fire Fighting Corporation
Notorious Korea Fire Inspection Corporation(kfi)
Total Rejects on the Inspection from kfi
Other countries' Fire Extinguishers
No Hose and PC
As you can see this photo, which is something different from korean fire extinguishers in details of its shapes and functions. It may be same in their functions, but much more cheaper and convenient concepts about fire extinguishers can be found in this photo. program launch or the results of your most recent membership or donation drive.
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